Be your own dessert expert!


A Delightful Selection of FLAVORS.
Add a delicious zing to any cooking and food brands with JNRM’s wide array of flavor oils, concentrates, essences, and extracts for a richer culinary experience.

Instant Mixes

A Moveable Feast of INSTANT MIXESUniquely perfected by generations of families, JNRM’s instant mixes make home-made cooking extraordinary. Made of the finest ingredients, these products inspire traditional Filipino desserts and delicacies one can enjoy anytime.

Healthy Coffee

A Healthy Blend of COFFEEA premium 100% healthy mix, the company’s special gourmet coffee mix is crafted from natural dietary fibers, Stevia  and Garcinia Cambogia to promote healthy bones and digestion.

Food Colors


A Vibrant Burst of Food Colors


Create a visual treat with food-grade food colors that can apply for industries, bakery or homemaker needs.


Baking Powders

baking powder

A Fine Mix of Baking Ingredients

Whip up desserts, cakes and pastries with quality, and nutritious baking supplies.




Zest up your cuisine with a variety of spices and herbs for that extra zing in the palate.




Add culinary flair to your cooking with our specialty condiments which are naturally fermented and aged to perfection.